Snot, moss and puppies. Such fun!

Day 33.

I seem to have picked up the stinky cold from my little snot-faced monsters – all that food thievery and smooching was bound to end in tears, I suppose – so I’m laying low today and nursing a throat that feels like I’ve been chewing on razor blades.  Fun times!  I never get sick, but this pregnancy is totally kicking my ass – it seems that if there’s a bug doing the rounds, I’ll find it, lick it, and win the star prize on Symptom Bingo!

But, there is something about living in Washington that, no matter how rotten you might be feeling, means you just can’t mooch around inside in your pyjamas when there’s sunshine out there, just begging to be worshipped…while it lasts.

So actually, it’s been a lovely afternoon of clearing moss (with a little help from our miniature, germ-filled friends) from the front yard, seeing Evie disappear into the neighbour’s house to play with her “best fwend”, 12 year old Danica, and meeting our other neighbour’s super cute and bouncy new 13 week old Rottweiler, Jaxon.

I’ll keep knocking back the Emergen-C and echinacea of course, but in the meantime, I think a healthy dose of Vitamin D and family fun has been so much more therapeutic than a day in bed with the Surface and Call the Midwife on Netflix.  


Had it been raining, of course, it would be a whole different story – maybe next time, I’ll get that lucky!   #100HappyDays


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