Tulips and Triathletes

Day 34.

As disappointed as I was this morning not to make it out to either my usual Sunday riverside run, or the Tulip Festival up in Mount Vernon (sob!), at least the sun was shining yet again!!  I know I might be starting to sound like a broken record on this one, but after the winter we’ve all had – the rain-soaked UK, the poor frozen East Coast, and our soggy state of Washington – I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying a little bit of blue sky adoration this month!  I’m just hoping I’m not jinxing it before the summer months get here, but just in case, I’ll be making sure we get outside at every available dry day opportunity.   And today, with temperatures finally hitting the 70s (that’s the 20s centigrade for anyone under the age of 93 living outside the US), this definitely made for yet another park day for the Pepperlings!


Today, I’d also like to heartily congratulate any of you that completed the London Marathon (or even Rotterdam!) this morning, and wish all the very best of luck to those hitting Boston tomorrow.  Having been in London myself 3 years ago, I know only too well how very painful those last few miles can be, and how much dedication (and often injury-related misery!) the months of training prior to the event takes.  A big, huge “You’re so awesome!” to each and every one of you out on that course today (and not forgetting my incredibly inspiring friend, Bruce, who only went and finished another bloody Iron Man down in New Orleans today) – despite the bump preventing me from even managing a paltry 5k right now, all these Facebook updates and medal photos have given me severe twitchy legs today.    So…..Vancouver 2015 – who’s in?  🙂    #100HappyDays

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