An Unhappy Day.

Day 37.

Oops, I missed a day.  Have I failed at being happy?  Uh-oh.  That in itself seems like something that is going to make me inherently unhappy.  Oh God, I’m so crap, I can’t even pass the happy test.  And now I’m sad.  I’ve failed again!   Gah!  Wow, this project sucks.

I’m afraid today is an unhappy day.  I’m struggling to find a joyful moment.  Well, I’ll tell you, my fleeting merry moments today have been entirely Evie and Henry related, but I feel like I can’t keep harping on about the exact same “funny things my kids say” every day, or you’ll all leave by the droves.  So I’ll admit that today my happiness was to be found in Henry, mouth full of half-chewed French bread, accompanying me around the supermarket, and yelling “Hewo!!” to every single person he saw.  It’s pretty sweet when your (almost) 2 year old is capable of making an entire grocery store smile!


I didn’t photograph every wave and smile, but I did catch him still grinning away and tucking into that wheat loaf on the drive home.  Who knew that the best part of my day would be a trip to Albertsons to stock up on bread and milk?

So, why am I such a miserable molly today?
Well, three very unfortunate things have happened, all of them equally disastrous:

1) We had reason to give our nanny notice.  Well, several reasons in fact.  Many, many reasons.  But the long and short of it is, one very large and insurmountable reason arrived in our driveway yesterday, and so now we find ourselves firmly back at Square One when it comes to childcare.  13 weeks before this baby is due.  Help!

2) I found out from our HR department that I am entitled to exactly zero days maternity leave.   Presumably I am expected to squat, cough, produce a baby, and then return to my desk?  Preferably at the weekend.  Better get that new nanny lined up, pronto – here’s hoping Jo Frost is free.

3) My Nespresso machine inexplicably started flashing all its lights at me, squirting water of its own accord, and generally misbehaving in a very impressive way.  I may only be allowed one coffee a day right now, but believe me, with Evie the bed-hopper, Henry the dawn-riser and Daisy the midnight dancer all resident here, that single caffeine shot is very important to me.  Some might say critically so… the death of my beloved Latte maker might well just tip me over the edge this week!

Oh, and it’s raining again.  Bah bloody humbug!!

So yes, excuse the less than gleeful tone of today’s post.  Some days, those happy moments are just harder to grasp and enjoy, when the grey gloom of reality casts its shadow over even the sweetest of seconds.

But hey ho, tomorrow is another day.  Day 38 – it’s got to be a cracker, right?

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