Day 38.

Well, it wasn’t a cracker in the end, dammit.  It’s been absolutely pouring with rain all day long.  Grrr!  I think everyone is feeling a little in the doldrums about it, after the fleetingly beautiful glimpse of spring we were treated to last weekend.  Now it looks like everybody’s Easter egg hunts are going to be pretty low key, soggy affairs this weekend, our annual neighbourhood one included – so sad!

But, despite the gloom and the slight discomfort of spending the day in the company of the nanny we “let go” yesterday (she is working out her 4 week notice period), there were still some fun moments to be had today.

Henry came into my office to see me, and spotted my camera on the side.  After managing to wrestle it from his sticky fingers, full toddler meltdown was avoided by finding him my super old digital from way back when (which, miraculously, had fully charged batteries in it) – I figured if it’s been forgotten in a drawer for a long as it has, then it’s OK to pass it on to my little David Bailey wannabe.   For the next 20 minutes, poor Milo (the terribly put-upon labrador) ran all over the house, with Henry in hot pursuit yelling “Milo, cheeeeese!!  Milo.  Sit.  Milo. Sit.  Milo – cheeeeese!!”.  And so on, ad infinitum.   Poor Milo….but very, very funny!  If I was more organised, I’d be able to show you the result of my dog’s impromptu photo shoot, but I’ve not had a chance to download any of the pics yet.  I wouldn’t hold your breath, but will try to to share tomorrow.  I strongly suspect that there are, in fact, about 73 photos of our hardwood floors on that memory card.

While we’re on the subject of cheeeeeese, look what I found:

InstagramCapture_71612dae-11c6-49d9-bc25-4cb2bcfcf853_jpgNot only is it a fabulous name, but it’s every pregnant lady’s dream.  Brie.  Except, really, it’s totally fake brie – so not only can I actually eat it without feeling guilty about what the midwives might say, it’s only 40 calories.  Win/win!! It actually tasted pretty good, just like a cheaper Brie without the rind – I’ll take it anyway.  Now all I need is to find a decent fake wine and some non-sugar-laden bread to go with it, and we’ll be absolutely golden!!   #100HappyDays


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