A Very Happy Birthday

Day 44. 

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be at all surprised that Little Mr Sunshine managed to get a full day of wall to wall glorious sunshine on his birthday.  It was warm and sunny on the day he was born, it was a beautiful day for his 1st birthday party last year, and it turns out that his second anniversary of birth was no exception.  Eighty-six degrees today.  30 Centigrade.  Blue skies abounding for my blue-eyed boy!



Henry had a great day today.  He woke up as happy as always, received a big birthday cuddle from his sister, and then came downstairs to a breakfast of milk and banana bread, and a table full of gifts, just for him.  Well, as long as he would let Evie unwrap them all and open his cards, of course. 



Oh, and allow her to play doctor on him with his own new Doctor Kit, obviously:


I think this day was as much about Evie as it was about her little brother, but that was absolutely fine by Henry.  She was very attentive to him, and kept informing him that “You can do whatever you like today, Henry.  It’s your birthday.  You can do WHATEVER you like!!!”.   She showed a keen interest in all his new toys, enjoyed scooter races around the kitchen, thrilled as she was that he now has one just like hers (only blue, obviously), and she even declined to take part in lunch bunch at pre-school, because she wanted to have a birthday lunch with her brother.   In fact, when our nanny went to collect Evie from school, apparently Miss Bossyboots was stopping everyone she saw and saying “Did you say happy birthday to my brother?  It’s his birthday.  Say happy birthday to Henry!!!”.   

To all of Henry’s future girlfriends…..I’m sorry.   For whatever hoops she has made you jump through, tests she has made you pass, or evil eyes she may have thrown your way.  I’m sorry.  She just loves him “too much”, in her own words. 


But my little guy had a great day, complete with three separate park visits, story time at the library, lunch al fresco in the garden, ice cream treats from the nanny and Pinkabella cupcakes for tea….not to mention all the kisses and cuddles from his favourite Aussie chick, Miss Ely:

Thank you for all the birthday well wishes for my handsome Henry, for all the gifts and cards that came his way, and for all the love over the past two years, which has undoubtedly contributed to my own sanity, and to my son’s oh-so-happy demeanor.   We are a lucky old lot, that’s for sure!  #100HappyDays



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