Sunshine and bluebells

Day 45.

Well, hell YEAH, I’m still going on (and on) about all this sunshine.  But then, so is the rest of Seattle (as we wilt away in total disbelief – what is this bright, round thing in the sky?  What does this mean?), so I’m definitely not the only weather-obsessed loser in town!

But look!  It’s all just so much prettier, basking in the glow of that magnificent orb:



Today was the hottest May 1st in Seattle in 16 years, and it definitely felt it, as temperatures climbed up to 85F.  I’m starting to wonder what being 9 months pregnant in July is going to feel like….my bet is on “sweaty”.   But in the meantime, we are all making the most of this glorious blip, and everyone is suddenly tanned and smiling.  Personally, I am loving seeing chubby little Pepper legs come out of hiding – there is nothing more adorable than a 2 year old in shorts, or seeing your tomboy daughter suddenly embrace all the pretty, flowery dresses in her wardrobe!  The kids both went swimming at the lake this morning, and this afternoon I was lucky enough to get to take them to the park after work for an hour or so, to meet up with friends and play in the volleyball court (aka “giant sandpit”).

Everything seems so much better when you’re not getting rained on, doesn’t it?   So, of course, I am burying my head in the sand, refusing to acknowledge the gloomy weather forecast, and assuming that this is it – summer is quite clearly here, and long may she stay!!  #100HappyDays


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