Playing Catch Up

I’m playing catch up today.  Apparently, the best thing about #100HappyDays is that you can make up the rules as you go along.  That’s right, right?


Day 46

On Friday afternoon, all that glorious sunshine came to an end, the heavens opened and the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  Just like that.  Bah!!!  

And then this dude, my office-mate, seemed to sense my rapidly darkening mood, and climbed into my lap to offer up some of his unique Ragdoll therapy:


Call me the Crazy Cat Lady, if you will, but as I sat there, stroking a fluffy white cat, while swiveling absent-mindedly in my black office chair, suddenly I felt like Blofeld.  Screw the rain, sod all the nanny woes, and bugger the third trimester exhaustion….I am unbreakable!  Or, at least, my beloved Monty thinks so, anyway.  Goodbye, Mr. Bond


Day 47

Well, this one is easy.  



On soggy Saturday, I managed to steal two glorious hours all to myself to get this unruly mop sorted out at my favourite salon, in an effort to clutch at any kind of yummy mummy status.   I may well be deluding myself on that one, but there is something quite special about walking through the door when you get home, and having your Disney-obsessed little girl say “Wow, Mummy’s hair is all golden!”.  Not yellow.  Not lightened.  Not even bland ole blonde.  Golden!  From now on, I will mostly be answering to “Princess”, as I flick my lustrous locks your way.  Mmm-hmmmm….Princess Pepper, that’s me.


Day 48

I won’t lie, Sunday was another spectacularly gloomy day, BUT there were still several fabulously happy moments to be found in amongst all that rain.  

Not only did I manage to drag this big old belly of mine out onto the river trail at 8.30 in the morning, but Daisy and I managed to run 3.4 miles at a 10:25 average pace, whilst still managing to hold a conversation with my lovely running buddy the entire way.  Nearly 30 weeks pregnant, and in the pouring rain.  I don’t mean to be overly smug, but I think that right there deserved a doughnut.   And so…yes, okay, a 12 oz latte and accompanying maple ring was my oh-so-happy reward.  

It was then time to try to wear out the Pepperlings, so that Henry would burn off all those doughnuts enough energy to get a decent nap, and we could have a peaceful-ish afternoon.   Of course, no rainy Sunday afternoon walk would be complete without a pink Hello Kitty handbag:


Particularly when that handbag is full of dirty grey rocks.  

And finally….we interviewed a potential nanny.  She seems nice, and Evie was bashfully smitten, judging by the way she kept scooting past as we all chatted, staring and grinning like a little lunatic, then declaring “I’m going to really miss you!!!” as our interviewee departed.  All that remains to be decided is whether we can bring ourselves to welcome someone into our home and our family who goes by the name of Britney.    😉


Day 49 

The following conversation with my daughter:

E: Mummy, I love you so so so much, I love you more than you love me!

M: Oh no, that’s not possible, Evie.  I love you more than it’s possible to love anyone, so you can’t love me more.  I love you more than jelly tots!

E: Well, I love you MORE than more than jelly tots.

M:  OK, well then, I love you more than *chocolate*!!  (thinking I’m onto a sure winner here!)

E: No, I love YOU more than you love chocolate.

M: Hmm…..well, I love YOU more than donuts, Miss Genevieve!

E:  Well, I love…..oh, I love donuts!!

Fair play, Evie.  Fair play.


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