Day 50.

Wow, I’m halfway there.  #100HappyDays.

Oh, sorry, is that a cop-out? I can’t have my happy moment of the day be that I’m now halfway through this little exercise?

Fine.  Okay.  Wha’ eva.

So, it’s still raining.  Quelle surprise.  But, okay, I found a happy moment in there today that really made me laugh.  And yes, I’m sorry, it involves a Pepperling.  What can I say?  You’re reading a mommy blog – it’s not going to be all hard hitting headlines and local tourist info, I’m hoping you’ve figured that out by now.

Aaaaand, moving swiftly on.

Evie had her usual speech therapy session this afternoon.  Because her appointment times coincide with Henry’s nap time, usually the nanny puts Henry to bed before she leaves, and if he wakes up before they return, I just play with him for the 20 minutes or so until they do. The not-so-hidden benefit of working from home – my flexibility means that the kids’ schedules don’t need to be messed with too much….and I get bonus cuddles and dribbly smooches throughout the day.  Win-win!

Anyway, this afternoon, I had my lunch late, then went up to my office to carry on with boring old work stuff.  After a while, I realised I could hear faint music.  So strange, I was sure I hadn’t left the TV or radio on, but went to check anyway.  Nope.  Silence downstairs.  Back up I went, and hovered outside the Hank-monster’s door, listening…..to his giggles.   On opening the door, this is the face I was greeted with:


Yep, that boy even wakes up chirpy.  If you could tap his joie de vivre, package it in little sugar-coated capsules and market it to the masses….I can’t even imagine how rich we’d be.  But let’s just say, Bill Gates‘s palms would be sweating right now, and we could stop worrying about funding the Pepperlings’ education!.

Henry had woken up, I have no idea how long ago, switched on his music box and started dancing in his crib, still wearing his sleep sack.  When he saw me walk through the door, he didn’t reach for me, didn’t ask to escape his little prision, didn’t even beg for miiiiilllllkkk.  He simply said “Dance mummy.  Your turn!  Dance!”.   So, of course, I did.  My little man and I pirouetted and twirled away to tinny Mozart, with the occasional “peek-a-boo” thrown in for good measure.

It may be the greyest of grey days out there.  I might be totally floored by third trimester exhaustion, with deadlines coming out of my ears and the constant niggling fear in the back of my mind over what’s to come in just ten short weeks…but my son’s ability to find unbridled delight in every single moment?  That is infectious, and it is incredible. I’m a lucky lady, that’s for sure.  #100HappyDays.

His sister, on the other hand?  Well, she’s just a great big meanie!  This evening, as I changed into my workout clothes, ready for Fit4Baby class, my daughter glanced up at me at an inopportune moment.  Her eyes widened, a look of horror came across her pretty face, and she declared “Ewwwwwwwwww, mommy!!  Your boobies!  Ugh, it’s NOT NICE to see you naked!!”.

Thanks darling girl.  I love you too.

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