Fun with Flowers

Day 51.

Oh yeah, the sun had his hat on again today…and I suddenly noticed that our garden has erupted into a sea of stunning colours, seemingly overnight.  I guess all that rain was good for something!  As I stood basking in the warmth and playing frisbee with Evie, my eye was caught by all those gorgeous emerald greens, deepest fuchsias, delicate lilacs and the brightest of blue hues…so I thought I’d grab my new toy camera and have a bit of a play:


There has been many a day lately when I have bemoaned the size of our yard, the amount of work involved to keep it looking “nice”, and our lack of time or ability to come even close to doing so.  But this afternoon, I must admit, I did start to wonder if I would miss it too much if we decided to up sticks and satisfy my itching feet.  At this time of year, the life of a country bumpkin really does come into its own!  

Oh, and on other news….after weeks of seemingly futile searching, we finally hired a lovely new nanny today.  Hurrah!  #100HappyDays


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