The easy years

Day 52.

Much as I complain about my shitty phone, it does have a pretty cool feature, whereby it randomly scrolls through all your Facebook photos, and sets them as your screensaver.  It’s a good way to remind yourself to look at all those old photos, filed away in albums that you otherwise never remember to revisit.  It’s also very handy for Throwback Thursday! 

This evening, I glanced down at my phone, and noticed that this was the photo of the hour: 


That there is the paw of an outraged Ragdoll, swiping at the not-very-innocent nose of Milo dog.  I love this picture – it never fails to make me laugh out loud….and it reminds me of the easy years.  When Monty was the only jealous sibling we had to worry about, and my biggest complaint was that Milo had kept me awake at night for 2 weeks, while he settled into this new home away from his mum.   Two weeks of sleep deprivation, listening to my furry baby crying in his crate downstairs.  Oh, the hardship!  Oh, the calamity!

Tomorrow, we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  5 years.  Has it only been five years?  Crikey!  Back when that photo was taken, I’m pretty sure we would never have believed that just in just a few short years, we’d have already been out of that lovely Brighton terrace for more than 30 months, we’d have 2.5 kids (gah!), another crazy cat and….we’d be living in a giant house in soggy Seattle, of all places!  

What a ride!  Five years, three pets, (almost) three children, and we’re now living in our third continent together.  God only knows what the next five years might bring, but please, please let it involve a little sleep…and a lot less “adventure”!?  Mrs. Pepper needs a wee rest.

So, today, with our anniversary tomorrow and Mother’s Day looming on Sunday, and no real plans for either event, I took action.  A very timely email popped into my inbox, informing me of the latest Groupon – cheap accommodation down in Long Beach, Washington – so I sent it to Mr. Pepper for his perusal (subtle, huh?!), and he surprised me by replying “Shall we go this weekend?”.

Well, why the hell not, huh?  We have no plans at all.  We’ll only sit around looking at each other, saying “What shall we do today, then?”, and coming up with very little.  A night out at a fancy restaurant in Seattle, plus 3-4 hours of babysitter rates on top, can easily add up to pretty close to the cost of 2 nights down at the beach anyway, but I reckon this plan sounds a much more fun way to celebrate half a decade.  What’s a posh meal without wine anyway?  A wasted evening, that’s what!   So, with the weather forecast not looking too awful for the weekend…I did it.  I clicked on the “Buy Now” button, and away-hay-hay we go!!  Hurrah!

ImageThank goodness for Groupon…and my wonderful neighbour who volunteered to take care of our furry family members at such short notice.  This will probably be our last chance to get away anywhere before baby gets here, and who knows when our next escape will be once we’re a family of FIVE (gasp!), so I’m super excited!  Long sandy beaches, hot tubs, lap pools and (hopefully) warm sunshine….here we come!   Just so we’re all clear here, though, I still fully expect my breakfast in bed on Sunday morning – hmmm-kay?  #100HappyDays


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