A Change is as Good as a Rest

Isn’t that what they say?  I have to say that, as I sped down Route 101 to reach the beach at 10pm on dark and rainy Friday night, with two snoring Pepperlings in the back seat, I was starting to wonder….

Day 53. 

Friday was our fifth wedding anniversary.  And also the first time my husband has ever had flowers delivered to me:



Maybe a leopard can’t ever change its spots.  Or maybe, those leopards just never had wives so committed to years and years of heavy hint-dropping.   Either way, I’m very grateful, and loving my beautiful non-supermarket blooms.  Of course, the bar has been set now, my dearest – now I know you can do it! 

Day 54.

After a disastrous night’s sleep, thanks to a couple of very over-excited little people, we awoke to some beautiful blue skies, the sound of waves crashing nearby, and the glorious feeling that we had absolutely no plans for the day other than to enjoy it.

And so, we did!




I will expand on how beautiful Long Beach is once I’ve had a good night’s sleep, but suffice to say, we had a wonderful time.  There was really absolutely nothing I could fault, it was the best day-between-wedding-anniversary-and-Mothers-Day day we’ve ever spent, no contest! 

Day 55.

After such a beautiful day yesterday, I must admit, I was anxious about the drive home today, fully expecting a meltdown from one or both of the Pepperlings at some point over the 4 hour journey.

But then, apparently, I had forgotten that it’s Mothers Day.  I may not have got my breakfast in bed, a cute card or a fancy box of chocolate.  But, I did get a far better gift than any of that today:



Without meaning to gush, I really couldn’t have asked for anything more from my two precious little pickles.  They did such a great job of just entertaining each other – blowing raspberries, giggling at incomprehensible jokes, singing Let It Go ad infinitum, and pretending to be terrified of a giant wind-up spider that came with the obligatory mid-way Happy Meal.  

What can I say on this Mothers Day, other than that I feel that I shouldn’t be the one celebrated today…I’m just so incredibly grateful to have been blessed with these two (point five) gorgeous little monkeys.  Their very existence is my reward for any of the mundanity or exhaustion that comes hand in hand with the “job” – far superior to any salary increase or six-figure bonus!

 Of course, for future reference, chocolates are never a bad idea, either. 


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