New ‘do!

Day 59.

A few things conspired to make this a #100HappyDays day.  Starting with the fact that both children slept past 7.30am.  I know, simple pleasures and all that (and I do still vaguely remember the days when I only considered it a weekend lie-in if I was still cosily tucked under my duvet when the bedside clock ticked past 09.59), but this morning’s snoozathon was luxury indeed.  Let’s just pretend that we didn’t have to keep them up until 9.30 the night before in order to achieve this level of sleepy nirvana…ahem. 

On other news, it was apparently family haircut day. Mr. P and Evie headed up to Great Clips for their bargain barnets, while Henry and I went to the park, where my sociable little soldier decided to play football (<cough>, “soccer”, <cough>) with a bunch of boys twice his size, then we came home for burgers on the barbie as the forecast rain failed to fall.  Hurrah!

Finally, it was our Henry’s turn for a spot of pampering.  While Evie and her Daddy went swimming, I took my wee boy down to the local kids salon – complete with horses for chairs, his very own TV screen and choice of DVD, and basket of toys to rummage through – for his new ‘do.

I knew it was long overdue, but I still can’t believe how much difference a haircut can make to a 2 year old.  It seems that in the space of 25 minutes, my sweet little baby-faced toddler suddenly transformed into a proper wee boy:





Much as it makes me sob a little inside to see my baby boy looking so grown up, there’s absolutely no denying….he’s a handsome devil, isn’t he though?  Watch out girls!  #100HappyDays




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