Hello, and welcome to my ickle blog!

My name is Kerstin (pronounced “Sherstin” – the Swedish way), and I’m a 30-something mum to my beautiful Genevieve (or Evie to her friends) and Hank the Yank (aka “Henry”).  I’m also wife to Damyan, and “boss” to Milo the loopy Labrador and Monty the Ragdoll cat.

We used to live in sunny Brighton, on the South Coast of England, but in October 2011 moved Stateside to pursue my husband’s dream job, working for Microsoft in Seattle.

I started this blog as a way to document everything that happens throughout the planning and packing stage, my transition from “Mum” to “Mom” (gasp!), and our experiences as a family adjusting to a completely different culture and lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventure as much as we enjoy living it!


Life is either a great adventure, or nothing!  

– Helen Keller –

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  1. Cheryl Clayton says:

    Hello! Your blog is new to me, and I had a fun time checking it out this morning.

    Not sure if you are aware of the Just Between Friends Sales that happen throughout the country usually in the Fall and Spring….. http://www.jbfsale.com. They aren’t retail stores, but rather savings extravaganzas—shopping events that happen twice a year in different areas of the Puget Sound. At these events, consignors bring their new and gently-used children’s and maternity items to sell. Shoppers can then browse and purchase these items at great savings, usually far below retail prices—often 50-90% off!
    Just Between Friends hosts these events in clean, well-organized venues where shoppers can find all they need for their family at substantial savings! Merchandise is inspected to insure only high quality items will be sold. At a typical Just Between Friends event, you can find clothing, toys, baby equipment, strollers, high chairs, cribs, joggers, nursery gear, sporting goods, maternity wear, baby carriers, play yards, play sets, coats, shoes…well, you can see the list of items just goes on and on! And so do the savings!

    It really is a “WIN, WIN” for mom’s like me that love to sell the items that my daughter has outgrown, but are tired of the garage sale atmosphere. And – I earn a few extra buck…. that normally I use some of it to shop at the sale for the next size clothing / age appropriate toy, etc. for her!
    There are 7 local Sales Events coming up (they usually happen Spring / Fall) – all owned by different individuals:
    Issaquah 3/15 – 3/17
    Lynnwood 3/21 – 3/23
    Everett 4/5 – 4/7
    Bremerton 4/18 – 4/21
    Seattle 4/19 – 4/21
    Olympia 4/26 – 4/28
    Tacoma 5/2 – 5/5

    We would love to get you a PreSale pass to shop / check out the sales! A PreSale pass gets you into the Sale before it is open to the general public, and only available to Consignors and Volunteers of the event. Let me know if you are interested – we’d love for you to check out these events, and feature them on your blog.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Cheryl Clayton


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